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Longest running weather podcast in the universe. Eleven years in production, James Spann and a group of private sector and NWS meteorologists gather around the digital mahogany table to talk about their favorite subject, with some great guests.

Jul 12, 2022

Tonight's Guest WeatherBrain is a graduate of the University of Georgia.  She was a broadcast meteorologist at WTVM-TV in Columbus, Georgia.  Since February 2022, she became the lead Forensic Meteorologist for Atlas Forensic Meteorology.  Anna Sims, welcome!  Also joining the show as Guest Panelist #1 is meteorologist Sam Lane Gould.  He's worked in Tulsa, Joplin and Panama City, Florida.  He's now the Senior Forensic Meteorologist at Atlas Forensic Meteorology.  Sam, welcome!  In addition, welcome Guest Panelist #2 Jim LaDue.  He works as an instructor for the National Weather Service Warning Training Division.  Welcome!