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Longest running weather podcast in the universe. Eleven years in production, James Spann and a group of private sector and NWS meteorologists gather around the digital mahogany table to talk about their favorite subject, with some great guests.

Jun 11, 2013

A very impressive group on this week's show... our guest panelist is Justin Gehrts, a WB Alum... the weekend morning meteorologist at KCRG-TV 9 in Cedar Rapids. He is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist, WAS*ISer, & Iowa State alum.


Harold Brooks; Esteemed Severe Weather Researcher and WB Alum; Dan Robinson, WB Alum, Storm chaser lives in East St. Louis; Dan's account is harrowing and significant because he was in front of the Twistex team right before they were engulfed by the massive tornado.  Dan, welcome to the show.  Rich Thompson; Rich needs no introduction to most of our audience with an interest in severe weather.  He is a Lead Forecaster at the Storm Prediction Center. Kory Hartman; Kory has owned Severe Studios for six years and is a respected voice in the chaser community.